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    A minyen Talmidei chachamim will perform the Pidyon ליל שישי שובבים at the tzion of the rashash


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    The Pidyon Nefesh, as taught by the Arizal and revealed by the Rashash, is a redemption of the soul. A group of Talmidei Cchamim set aside 160 pure silver coins, which they use to evoke Rachamei Shamayim through special Kabbalistic Tefilos. These coins are then donated to Talmidei chachamim.

    The number of coins, equivalent to the numerical value of "eitz," (60) symbolizes a person being likened to a tree. Through this Segulah, the judgment is transferred from the person to the coins, granting the individual a new Tzelem Elokim.

    This Pidyon Rashash is known to bring Yeshuos, Refuos, Shiduchim, Children, Sholom Bayis and more.

    Rav Chaim Vital stated that performing this Pidyon guarantees a year of peace.

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